Monday Opportunity

I woke up today

Some people did not wake up

I will live my life


Gracie’s cafe (part 9, 386 words)

Sandra couldn’t decide which top suited her best, was it the black corset? Or the red sequinned one? Or the purple mesh?
“What do you think honey?” She purred.
“I don’t know,” replied Peter, feeling awkward at her choice of clothing, especially as they were planning to go to the theatre. “Do you have anything else? Anything simpler?”
“Simpler?” She frowned. “I like this one!” She dangled the black corset in front of him, then swanned out of the room to get changed. Several minutes later she called him for help, reluctantly he got up, headed to the bedroom, and politely knocked on the door. “Come in, silly,” she teased. He pushed the door open to see Sandra standing in her black thong, and black corset. “I just need you to tighten it at the back, and don’t be gentle with me.” She held onto her gold-coloured, cast-iron bed for support, and breathed in, whilst Peter pulled the corset laces tight. As soon as he finished he left the bedroom, so she could get dressed properly. Sandra had met a few reserved men in her time, but Peter was proving to be something of a challenge, surely any red blooded male would’ve gladly busted her corset off, and tossed her onto the bed, but not this reserved young man, it was then she finally realised he must be gay! How marvellous! She always wanted to have a gay best friend. It made perfect sense – he was handsome, very fit, liked the arts, wine, and theatre. She spammed herself in the head, how did she not realise before? She pulled on her skinny jeans, and took out a couple of shoes to get his feedback on. Well what was the loin in having a gay best friend, if you couldn’t discuss shoes?
“The black kitten heels would be best.”
“Oh you’re such a darling!” She threw her arms around his neck, then put her shoes on. “They look lovely don’t they?”
“Yeah. We need to get going now, the cab’s on it’s way.”
“Okay,” she followed him outside. She was upset that they would never be able to go to bed together, but at the same time, she was thrilled at having her new, gay best friend, her friends were going to be so jealous.